The International container train or International Shuttle Train from China that started cruising from July, 2013, provides fast and reliable rail freight transportation. The total length of the route from the Chinese city Guǎngzhōu to Hambourg in Germany is longer than ten thousand kilometers. On its way the train crosses territories of several states: Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Poland and Czech Republic. The total time of delivery from Guǎngzhōu to Hambourg is starting from 9 days days. With a help of the International Shuttle Train you can essentially reduce freight transportation time – a freight is delivered twice as fast as when transported by sea. This is a perfect solution of effective goods delivery from China to Europe.

In 2013 only the amount of goods delivered with a help of the International Shuttle Train from China to Europe constituted about 27 thousand tons and 0,25 billion USD. Altogether, over 300 companies from more than 20 Chinese provinces chose this service for export of their freights to Europe. Among them are such worldwide- known brands as BMW, Microsoft and Samsung.

Our company “Sonora” is proud that our clients also have had an opportunity to use the International Shuttle Train from China for a long time already, and use it successfully. Our clients recognize that rail freight transportation is a perfect mode of forwarding, which supports business development, as it lets saving transportation time and costs. Furthermore, this is a very reliable mode of delivery to a desired destination.

The total length of the International Shuttle Train route is 10 213 km. It starts in Guǎngzhōu (China), passes through Alalshan (frontier zone of China), Astana (Kazakhstan), Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Malashevichi (Poland), Prague (Czech Republic) and finishes in Hamburg (Germany). Typically clients choose freight transportation to Poland, which can be provided by our company in just 14 days.

The train shuttles from the terminal station in Guǎngzhōu (China) to Europe several times a week, that is why we can organize regular freight forwarding for all our clients. Also we offer door-to-door delivery to any desired destination.

To learn more about the International Shuttle Train and the opportunities of freight transportation from China, please consult with our specialists, by writing to or calling 66016006.