September is the most excited month for all basketball fans in Latvia and Europe – on the 5th of September starts the Europe Championship in Basketball for men 2015. This year championship will take place in 4 countries – Germany, France, Croatia and Latvia. We are delightful to host this event in Latvia – from the 5th until the 10th of September group matches will take place in Riga, Latvia.

In Latvia there have been held many activities to attract everyone to support basketball and our National Team by becoming a real basketball fan. Must admit that Latvian fans are always like “the 6th player” for our team because of the passion and fabulous support during games. That is why we, SONORA team, kindly invite you to follow this great event and support our Latvian Basketball team in live at Arena Riga or by watching games on TV.

Inspired by these great events, we are very honored to announce that we have created our SONORA Basketball team, which will play in Latvian Basketball league in season 2015. /2016 – Latvijas Dubultamatieru basketbola līga. First games will start at the beginning of October. More detailed information will follow very soon.

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