Since the August 2015, SONORA has become as a member of Employers` Confederation of Latvia (LDDK), which is the largest organization that represents employers in Latvia. The LDDK is a socio-economic partner in negotiations with Parliament, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia. Totally LDDK brings together and represents 110 sector leaders (companies which employ more than 50 employees), 66 sector-based and regional business associations and federations, as well as more than 5 000 companies, among which 3 036 are micro and small enterprises.

On Friday, 11th of September, during the meeting of LDDK council, decision was made to found the Latvian – Uzbekistan and Latvian – Turkmenistan Business cooperation councils. Chairman of Sonora Janis Mozga has been awarded to the role of President of Business Cooperation Councils (approved by the LDDK council). The main purpose of Business cooperation councils (LSP) are to improve the business environment between the countries – to develop and to create strong cooperation between employers, organizations and their managers of LSP which, if necessary, allows to solve an integral issues also in government level.