In the middle of November, the board of Latvian – Uzbekistan Business cooperation council (LSP) went to their first business trip to Uzbekistan. Among them were JSC Sonora`s Chairman of the board Janis Mozga who is also a President of Latvian – Uzbekistan and Latvian – Turkmenistan LSP. During their visit in Uzbekistan, were signed a Cooperation Agreement between Employer`s Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) and a Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCIU).

The Cooperation Agreement provides an exchange of information and experience in the following areas: the role of social dialogue in the promotion of economic cooperation, representing the interests of employers in a dialogue with the government, local authorities and trade unions; providing services to companies and associations that are members of the LDDK and the CCIU; establishment of Latvian – Uzbekistan Business Cooperation Council (LSP) to promote the cooperation between Latvian and Uzbek entrepreneurs.

In Uzbekistan Latvian delegation gained a valuable experience and knowledge that will greatly help to improve cooperation in the future. Janis Mozga , Chairman of the Board of JSC “Sonora” and a President of Latvian – Uzbekistan LSP, admitted: “Latvian – Uzbekistan Business Cooperation Council`s aim is to use economical and political instruments, which are drawn up by our politicians and trans-national commissions, in the most effective way. It will promote cooperation between Latvian and Uzbek companies. We are interested in exporting Latvian goods to Uzbekistan, while the Uzbek party has expressed a huge interest of importing the goods, especially technological equipment. We are proud that many Latvian companies with intermediation of LSP already have established joint ventures with Uzbek producers.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge that our country has been positioned in a very positive way among the government officials and businessmen. We have received an information from multiple and reliable sources that Latvia is the country Uzbeks are eager to corporate with. Comparing with other Europe Union countries and Baltic States, our biggest advantage is that we are very familiar with the European market and Western culture, and at the same time we are able to understand mentality of Uzbeks and their way of thinking.

That is why I kindly invite Latvian businessmen to become more courageous and look for new business opportunities because exporting goods and making joint ventures in Uzbekistan is a great way to enter CIS market. The labor costs in these countries are much lower than in Latvia, what gives a great potential for development of the business. Also there is a possibility to import goods from Uzbekistan – for example, textile. It is a way to develop trade of import in the Europe Union. I believe that we should not miss this cooperation opportunity.”

It should be noted that in December for two weeks, within the framework of the experience exchange EU funded project “Internship Progress of selected SME managers in 2014-2015”, representatives of Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (CCIU) visited Latvia. The purpose of the visit was to introduce representatives of Uzbekistan with Latvian employers’ organizations and find out the most appropriate ways for cooperation between the Uzbekistan and Latvian businessmen. CCIU delegation also visited the JS Sonora office in Duntes Street, where they got an insight what is logistics, freight forwarding and what is the specific of this business in domestic and international market.