Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry data shows that in various countries the percentage of the amount of waste paper is different, however, it reaches up to 40% of the total volume of solid waste. By collecting and processing 1 ton of wasted paper it is possible to save 6 trees from cutting them.

Based on this fact, our company Sonora is proud to announce that we have preserved 2.4 trees from destruction, because last week we have transferred 400 kilograms of waste paper. We are delighted that each year the amount of sorted waste is increasing and more and more companies are becoming more socially responsible to the environment. We hope that in the future these numbers will be growing and growing!
For those who want to deliver wasted paper to container, must remember that the blue containers are meant for doing that. You may dispose not only newspapers, magazines and books, but also flattened cardboard boxes. In turn, should not be disposed dirty and wet materials, laminated and glossy paper products. Note also that it would be desirable to release paper from the metal clamps.

Source: VSIA “Latvijas Vēstnesis”

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