It is not a secret that at the end of 2015 SONORA invented a special Award – “Line of the year 2015”, which was made as a sign of quality of Sea Lines in logistics. The aim is to keep it as an annual tradition, awarding the best and most successful Sea line in terms of cooperation with SONORA.

To find out the most successful Shipping line in 2015, SONORA made a survey in which were involved employees of Booking Department, Customer Service Department and Sales Department. One of the main criteria by choosing “Line of the year 2015”, was a successful long-term co-operation and communication with Sonora for the entire 2015 year. A quick and operative response to pricing requests and new business opportunities were considered as important criteria as well. Moreover, accurate and operative way to create, formalize, issue documents for customs department and for customer service department was also a priority criterion of choosing the best “Line of the year”.

Summarizing results, it was decided that “Line of the year 2015” belongs to Sea line “Evergreen”. Unlike other Sea lines with which SONORA were cooperating in 2015, “Evergreen” showed that they differ from other companies by united and reliable team which is focused on the team-work and is interested in offering qualitative customer service at any time. Must admit that all difficulties and uncertainties were solved in the most successful and fastest way also by sea line “Evergreen”.

The Director of Business Development of Sonora Normunds Volbets admitted that Sonora cooperates with Sea line “Evergreen” since it was established, and that successful cooperation with a reliable partner not only helps facilitate daily activities, but also helps to develop business and growth in both ways. Also he stated that very important is that Sea lines understands that SONORA is a serious market player which is tended for development and is interested in building reliable partnership in a long-time period.

It should be emphasized that lately “Evergreen” is not the only Sea line that operates in accordance with SONORA quality criteria. Therefore, in 2016 other Sea lines have a great potential to get the title “The line of year 2016”. SONORA team kindly invites all Sea lines to compete and become as the best and the most qualitative Sea line of 2016 by being able to offer the most advantageous terms and conditions for the logistics market players who are reliable, have already proven themselves and have a stable position over the years in the logistics market.