We would like to express our praise and sincere gratitude to Mr. Kārlis Ozols who has published title “Success in Life and Business. Most Valuable Advices by Latvian Business People and Managers” by including therein an advice (“Time – Something that cannot be Reclaimed”) given by our own Jānis Mozga, the Chairman of the Board of SONORA, among other advices given by 100 Latvian business people and professionals.

According to Jānis, “The time is ever-changing phenomenon, and we are not capable, as much as we would like, to return to its beginning… During those moments when problems are solved, you must dedicate a certain amount of your time, abandon everything that is redundant and think how to solve these issues; however, you must also keep in mind that it is crucial to continue to develop…”

Whereas, the author of the book, Kārlis Ozols, explains, “The best way how to achieve great success in life and business, is to learn from professionals who have already accomplished a great deal. In this book, contemporary Latvian business persons and managers reveal their experience in establishing a successful career, starting and developing a business; moreover, they give great advice about business principles, balance between life and work, ethics, and relationships. While looking through a viewpoint of life experience gained by mature and successful persons, the book allows everyone to gain a better understanding of general human values which are capable to contribute to everyone’s personal growth.”

More information about the book available at http://www.apgadsmansards.lv/lv/book/462/panakumi-dziive-un-biznesa/