As we already informed you before, From the 27th of April until 1st of May at the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia was held the 7th PFI Worldwide Network AGM in which took part more than 100 delegates from 90 countries. Basically, the conference was represented by Asian and African countries – including Qatar, Egypt, Mexico, Ghana, Libya, China, Tunisia, etc. Among the members were guests from America, Canada, former CIS countries and Russia as well. The official Opening of the PFI conference was held on the 28th of April, by discussing and presenting latest data of logistics and also making some forecast in the future. Opening speeches and presentations were held by SONORA Board Member Mr Andis Veinbergs and by PFI President Mr. Bob Messenger. The conference continued by New members’ presentations as well as by discussions about the latest trends in logistics, followed by contact exchange at One on One Meetings or matchmaking. The main purpose of the conference was to improve cooperation among forwarders in order to develop import and export cargo flows. During the conference SONORA organized several meetings between PFI delegates and Latvian exporting companies to give them an insight in Latvian economics and business environment.

At the same time this conference was not only about obtaining new contacts and establishing new business opportunities. Most of the participants visited Latvia for the first time, therefore it was a great opportunity to get acquainted with Latvian culture, nature and traditions. Moreover, this was the first time when PFI conference was organized in such an “exotic” place as Northern Europe (usually it was held in tropical places). SONORA did its best and took care of guests by making feel them very special and comfortable during the whole stay. Starting with business negotiations and discussions during the daytime and finishing with generous variety of entertainment and cultural events in evenings – traditional dinner and Latvian Folk dances, musical performances and special shows with the performances of famous Latvian artists and a Gala dinner in a National theme. Every year the conference Host needs to present their charity project and this year was not an exception – for this year SONORA had chosen their New and upcoming project: creating a social enterprise for disabled people and people with special needs. During the conference delegates donated money for the start-up of this project. In nearest time Latvia`s society will be more wildly introduced with this project.

As admitted PFI members, this had been one of the greatest conferences which they have ever attended, and about Latvia as a country they have established only the best impression – it is definitely a place where to return again and again. The board member of SONORA Mr. Andis Veinbergs explained that this conference was very important for Latvia: “We are very proud that in these five days we managed to bring together so many representatives from all continents and all over the world. We succeeded not only in giving a valuable insight into Latvia`s business environment, but also by representing Latvian culture and traditions. In the future we see positive tendencies for the development and by exploring new markets.”

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