On the 14th of June, clients of SONORA team attended an event the “Morning Coffee with SONORA”, where they discussed the Benefits of FCL & LCL Rail freight transportation from China to Latvia and other European countries.

There was a huge interest about this event that SONORA team had to organize additional meetings with clients. During meetings were discussed why Rail Freight from China to Latvia and Europe is one of the best and safest transport solution and what are main advantages of it. Also participants got an insight of why and how was created Rail Freight in China and how it became as the International Shuttle Train. Further, there were discussions of Rail Freight changes and improvement over the years and how the changes have affected cargo deliveries. SONORA team members showed to clients the fastest and the most optimal routes of Rail road transportation from China that they could receive their deliveries of goods in the shortest period of time. Also were discussed in personally clients` needs and had offered for them many solutions. SONORA team pointed out the product groups which are especially advantageous to transport by rail and gave an insight of rail freight transportation from China perspectives in the future.

As admitted the Director of Business & Development of SONORA Mr. Normunds Volbets, such meetings are very useful, because it is the best way how to inform clients about the latest trends in logistics which can help to improve their business: “It’s a great way to talk about logistics and how to provide our clients with latest information. They got inspired and we helped them to think more out of the box and helped to improve their business strategies by finding new ways of importing and exporting goods. Rail freight transport from China is a hot topic and the demand for this type of cargo continues to grow. Also, it has a great potential in the future. For example, it is not a secret that it is planned to establish a direct train route from China to Riga. This will certainly open up new opportunities for both imports and exports. We, SONORA are proud to be the first company that started offering direct rail freight services from China, and we are still continuing to improve and develop it today.”

During the event, were presented rail freight transport options from China and explained why SONORA offers the best solutions for rail freight services from China. Must admit that SONORA is the direct rail freight service provider for rail freight services from China, which provides significant benefits to customers. This long-term experience in logistics and highly qualified professional staff are the factors that have helped to provide fast and high-quality freight services.

The next event “Morning Coffee with SONORA” will take place already on the 12th of July at 9.00 AM, at SONORA office in Duntes Street 11. The topic will be “Latvian and Kazakh cooperation opportunities in logistics and business”. More information will follow soon