A night before the Midsummer, on the 22th of June, our SONORA team transported a Project Cargo – Fiberglass Construction – from Saldus to Liepaja, Latvia. This was a creative project because we needed to figure out how to find the best way of transporting this Oversized Cargo- the width of the cargo was 6,5m.

At first, our team made a very careful Road Survey and planning, by finding the most optimal route of delivering the cargo. The total length of the route was more than 100km. Dimensions of the cargo was L 17,0 m x W 6.5m x H 4,3m and it was very challenging to find the best route of transporting – we needed to move the cargo through the city where streets are very narrow. We involved Authorities of Latvia and Liepaja region – 3 police escorts and one security guard escort. To transport it via narrow streets, for a while we even took off the Road Signs.

At the end, Cargo was delivered to the final destination very successful and we look forward for the next challenge by moving Project Cargos around the world.