During the 7th PFI AGM in Latvia, managers from Worldwide TOP logistics companies all over the world explains WHY LATVIA is so special, what they love the most here, and what role in it plays logistics, business & SONORA.

Most of them visited Latvia for the first time and some of them even traveled for more than 14 hours to get there. Until arrival they knew only few things about our small country and for most of them Latvia was like a very exotic place to visit. After 4 days conference in Riga, they admitted that Latvia is a small and very powerful nation, that city is very clean and beautiful, people are vey lovely and helpful and that Latvians always provide a perfect service. Some even told that they really love Latvia and that business wise it is fantastic as well.

We, SONORA, are proud that we can present our small country and show to everyone how Great is our culture and values and that we know how to make a business and how to mix it with a pleasure.

Watch the video and find out more what people from USA, Malaysia, Sweden, China, Australia and UK thinks about our country: