During the weekend SONORA Racing team took part in the 4th round of Baltic Touring Car Championship 2016 (BATCC): “Riga 2016 Summer Race” which took place in Riga, at Racetrack Bikernieku. Our team rider Ansis Fridbergs (#47) drove in KUMHO Challenge National Class, where he got the 6th place.

Competition was spread in two days by having 2 races every day. In the first day at first Race our rider`s car had some technical problems and it made very complicated to drive with full speed and he finished in the 6th position. During the second race, already at the first turn, A.Frīdbergs had a crash with Russian team. Unfortunately, car was hardly damaged and Ansis withdrew of the Race.

After the unlucky first day of competition, SONORA Racing team did the best to fix the car of team rider and worked even during the nighttime. Luckily, the car was fixed and on the second Day A.Frīdbergs was able to compete. It was hardly felt that car had some technical problems after the crash in previous day, but still our team rider took the high 6th position in both Races.

As admitted team rider A.Frīdbergs, the season has started not so good as wished because of technique. But team is still enthusiastic to give a great performance in future competitions: “For the next competition our FORD will be completely technically ready for racing that I could make my best results! This is a technical sport where all depends not only from you as a driver but also from the technique. We hope that we won’t “disappoint” each other!”

Overall after 4 rounds, Ansis Frībergs is on the 7th position from more than 22 riders. Next pit-stop on the 8th – 9th of October in Riga which will be the Final Round of the season.

Source: Personal Archive & http://batcc.eu/