During October and November Sonora team has transported Project cargos to the different destinations all over the world. One of the most interesting projects and challenges was to deliver a non-standard equipment from Riga to Vitebsk, Belarus.

The total route of cargo delivery was from China to Belarus, via Riga. From China to Riga, Latvia the cargo was transported by the sea transport. When the ship arrived in Riga, SONORA team took care of the highly valued cargo-equipment by accepting, reloading the cargo from the sea transport to road transport, did the documentation (including customs formalities) and transported it to the destination in Vitebsk, Belarus. The total volume of cargo was 2×40 containers and 2 out of gage trucks.

It was an interesting challenge for Sonora team – we needed to deliver cargo to the destination in a very short period and to manage a perfect service. Everything went out successful and the team did everything in time.

More detailed information about the OOG cargo:

Route: Riga, Latvia – Vitebsk, Belarus
Cargo dimensions:

Reloaded equipment from 1 x 40FR: 3PCS /14300KG
1 x piece L 2840 x W 2440 x H 2830MM
1 x piece L 4920 x W 2670 x H 3438MM
1 x piece L 2440 x W 2320 x H 3530MM

Relaoded equipment from 1 x 40OT: 5PCS / 6910KG
1 x piece L 2300 x W 740 x H 660MM
1 x piece L 5580 x W 1320 x H 3450MM
1 x piece L 2310 x W 1980 x H 2700MM
1 x piece L 2350 x W 1195 x H 2640MM
1 x piece L 1740 x W 1225 x H 2780MM