Continuing annual traditions, this year too SONORA awarded the best and most successful Sea Line of the Year 2016. Having assessed all the criteria, the quality standards, the service and communication quality, CONTAINERSHIPS was nominated as previous year’s Sea Line of the year.

The Year’s Sea Line nomination was created by SONORA to serve as the mark of quality and to confirm the high level of the services provided. One of the principal criteria proposed in selecting the sea line of 2016 were successful collaboration, communication and opportunities in future business and development with Sonora not only in weekly or monthly cross-section, but also throughout the year. To determine which is the best Sea Line of the previous year, a questionnaire about the success of collaboration in the year’s cross-section was conducted in the several SONORA departments – the Booking Department, the Customer Service Department, and the Sales Department.

As the Director of Business Development of SONORA Normunds Volbets confirms, quick and expedient communication, development and business opportunities in collaboration with sea lines, successful conflict resolution and precise issue, layout and submission of the attendant documentation for the load are vital for mutual collaboration. Having collected all data and information, SONORA nominated as the Line of 2016 CONTAINERSHIPS, which had been working on the market successfully for over 50 years. Normunds Volbets: “One of the fundamental principles of SONORA is to provide their customers with service of maximum quality, so this the way how we choose the best collaboration partners. The Sea Line CONTAINERSHIPS has proven over the course of many years that it is able to maintain permanently high quality, improving and adjusting it to the requirements of our company over the years. Our employees have given high evaluation to the expedience of CONTAINERSHIPS actions in processing our orders and their professional assistance in finding solutions while developing the traffic routes.”

The awarding ceremony and the prize giving to the sea line CONTAINERSHIPS took place during the week end in the main office of SONORA on Duntes Street. On receiving the award, the head of SIA CONTAINERSHIPS Kristaps Jakovļevs indicated that in Europe today the transportation branch is witnessing dynamic features, therefore having stable customers and collaboration partners on whom one can rely in the long-term is essential: “A reciprocal dialogue we have achieved with the company SONORA throughout the year has, in my opinion, provided excellent results, allowing us to conclude that, in future, our collaboration will be increasingly more fruitful. It is certain that in various business SONORA can serve as the great example for other companies for creating mutual business partner relations with their customers and providers. Having witnessed the developments on the European market over the previous year, it is clear that also in future, to offer excellent service to customers with as low expenses as possible, the sea lines will be forced to seek new partners, team up and develop the existing provider chain solutions to always comply with the increasing market requirements.” His words were complimented by the Sales Manager Liene Veinberga: “We are honoured to receive the Sonora award as the Sea Line of the Year, which will further stimulate us to strive to provide the very best service to our customers in future. We highly value our long-term collaboration, open and efficient communication as well as mutual trust. We are glad to have such companies as Sonora, who continue to grow, to develop and to be able to change following the global processes.”

The SONORA team reminds you that this is an annual tradition to determine the best Sea Line of the Year, so, throughout the year, the best sea line of the year will be selected, a line which will be able to offer excellent and qualitative service, trustworthiness and promising collaboration.