Already during this weekend, the new season of the Baltic Touring Car Championship 2017 (BATCC) will start at Racetrack Bikernieku, where also SONORA RACING TEAM – team rider Ansis Fridbergs (#48) will drive in KTC S1600 class. In total competition will last for three days but race of the representative of SONORA team will take place on Sunday, April 30.

SONORA RACING TEAM rider Ansis Fridbergs is an experienced rider in the car racing as he drives in the competitions for several years already. Last season Ansis, disregarding different technical problems and slight mishaps during the races, concluded in the high 5th place, which is a good indication. This year Ansis thinks that he is capable of achieving even better results: “You have to race for your best results. My car is ready for the competition, we are feeling well and ready to achieve new peaks and strive for success! ”

Opening race at the Racetrack Bikernieku will be very special as not only riders from Baltic States will participate but also from the Northern Europe, gathering more than 300 riders in various sports classes. There will be more than 20 athletes in the group of A. Fridbergs, including riders from Belorussia, Russia, Estonia, etc. Ansis invites everyone who is interested to be present and attend the competition: “This will be very interesting season because many acclaimed, good and fast riders participate. It will be a treat for the audience, as the racers will participate in various classes, besides on a high level. I will definitely see you on Sunday in Bikernieki!”

Starting times of races where member of SONORA Racing Team Ansis Fridbergs will participate (#48):
Sunday, April 30:
• 08.25 – 8.40: 1st Training Race
• 10.10 – 10.20: 2nd Training Race
• 11.30. – 11.40: Qualification Race
• 12.35 – 13.00: 1st Race of Competition
• 18.10 – 18.35: 2nd Race of Competition

You can find detailed information about competition in the Racetrack Bikernieku website: You can also livestream the competition in LMT Straume TV, and access video recordings after competition.