JSC SONORA’s rapid growth in recent years has brought about changes to the company’s structure. Recently, the Board of Directors of SIA SONORA RW, a SONORA subsidiary, appointed Artūrs Patmalnieks as the new head of the company’s Riga office.

In recent years, the company has rapidly expanded its area of operation in Europe and in the Nordic countries in particular, while also establishing branch offices in the United States and Central Asia, including in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, countries that are considered by many Latvian companies as unattainable markets due to their significant differences in mentality and business practices. SIA SONORA RW continues to expand, and it is planning to open new representative offices outside Latvia in the near future. Artūrs Patmalnieks, a long-term and trustworthy colleague who has held the position of adviser to the company’s Board, was unanimously appointed as the head of SONORA RW Riga office by a Board decision.

As noted by Board member Andis Veinbergs, the appointment of Mr Patmalnieks as the Head of the Riga office was a thought-out step: ‘For many years, Artūrs has proved himself to be an excellent employee and colleague, a trustworthy person and a good strategist. By introducing these changes to the management of the Riga Office, we, the Board, can be sure that the company will keep developing both abroad and in Latvia. Hence, we will be able to focus more on our global strategy and the company’s growth.’ He was also supported by Board member Jurijs Konovalovs, who said that ‘Artūrs has shown his professional attitude for many years in the most diverse situations’. The Chairperson of the Board, Jānis Mozga, also emphasised that this decision would provide the company with an opportunity to continue achieving its goals and to implement several business ideas.

It should be noted that JSC SONORA administers several subsidiaries, the largest of which are SIA SONORA Ekspedīcija and SIA SONORA RW. SONORA Ekspedīcija under the management of Board member Uldis Batarags continues to expand in the area of road cargo in both local and international markets, which is the result of strong synergies among SONORA group companies.