Honouring the 100th anniversary of Latvia, Latvian entrepreneurs and musicians have united for a trip by historical vehicles from Uzbekistan (Tashkent) to Latvia (Riga) aimed at international commonwealth. Objective of the trip is promotion of mutual relations between Latvia and Uzbekistan, as well as for proper global promotion of the name of Latvia symbolizing its perspective and development opportunities for Latvia as an independent state. Entrepreneurs of Latvia and Uzbekistan, as well as musicians of the band “Brain Storm” will be among the participants.

This year marks the 26th anniversary since the commencement of cooperation between Latvia and the Republic of Uzbekistan. In order to enhance such cooperation between both states and strengthen image of Latvia as an independent state globally, Latvian entrepreneurs and musicians, as well as Uzbekistan entrepreneurs have united for a commonwealth trip from Uzbekistan (Tashkent) to Latvia (Riga) by the historical vehicles: two LADA-2101 (manufactured in 1979 and 1974), GAZ-24 (manufactured in 1974) and Opel Rekord (manufactured in 1979). Various cities and sightseeing objects of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia will be visited during the expedition; furthermore, significant message about Latvia will be left at every place of visit. Besides, festive welcome of the participants is expected in several cities of Uzbekistan (for example, in Samarkand) involving city councils and officials of the cities.

Participants of the trip or expedition will be: Latvian entrepreneurs from the JSC (A/S) SONORA (Jānis Mozga (he is also a Head of the Latvian – Uzbekistan and Latvian – Turkmenistan Business Cooperation Councils of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia), Uldis Batarags, Jurijs Konovalovs, Nauris Jonass, Andrejs Samuiliks), Sonora Development (Andris Kulbergs), Balcia Insurance SE (Lauris Boss), E.Tauriņš and partners (Ralfs Kirštuks), Latvian musicians from the band Brain Storm (Jānis Jubalts and Māris Mihelsons), as well as entrepreneurs from Uzbekistan.

Planned distance of the trip is 5’700 km, duration – 10 days, with the departure scheduled for 31 March from the Embassy of Latvia in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Expedition route: Tashkent (Uzbekistan) – Samarkand (Uzbekistan) – Bukhara (Uzbekistan) – Khiva (Uzbekistan) – Mo’ynoq (Uzbekistan) – Beyneu (Kazakhstan) – Astrakhan (Russia) – Volgograd (Russia) – Ryazan (Russia) – Velikiye Luki (Russia) – Riga (Latvia). Finish of the trip is scheduled in Riga on 10 April at 12:00 by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Latvia.

Author of the idea is Jānis Mozga, representative of the JSC (A/S) SONORA and Head of the Latvian – Uzbekistan and Latvian – Turkmenistan Business Cooperation Councils of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, who was struck by an idea to buy a car “zhiguli” in Tashkent and go by this car all the way to Latvia. He shared his idea with the colleagues, friends and partners at the embassies, eventually it gained massive support, and many people liked the idea. This, acquaintances and friends united increasing the number of travellers and historical vehicles. J.Mozga admitted: “The most interesting adventures will be definitely on the way, visiting of various cities and getting acquainted with local cultures. There will be also some challenges – we will have to be ultimately disciplined to avoid road traffic accidents.” Jānis Jubalts, musician of “Brain Storm”, added: “Life itself will put us into something like a huge and unknown adventure in Uzbekistan. This will be a great challenge, because the vehicles will definitely show some surprises – maybe they will break down and require repair… this is an adventure alone! For me as a man, who is very distant from technical matters, it would be definitely something new – how to fasten a pipe of “zhiguli”, pump up the tires etc. That is a great adventure I have let myself to get involved in! I am waiting for desert with a great interest… where snakes and scorpions might be found – maybe it sounds a little scary, because I have never seen anything like that before. But, in any other way, I am ready both mentally and physically!

The trip includes plans to go shopping to Tashkent market, where the necessary foodstuffs and clothing, as well as “fire guitar” will have to be bought, remarkable sightseeing objects will have to be visited in various cities, as well as the local culture and residents will have to be acquainted with. There will be a lot of impressions and insights into the culture of so different countries both from the viewpoint of tourism and the entrepreneurs. It is planned to display the adventures of the trip in the visited cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Mo’ynoq, as well as the cities of Kazakhstan and Russia on channel sportacentrs.com and in the events Facebook and Instagram accounts. Stories will be told about international relations between Uzbekistan and Latvia by sharing practical advices for the entrepreneurs regarding establishment of business relations, other Latvians, who are on similar trip will be met, traditional Uzbek dishes will be tried and local hospitality will be enjoyed; possibly, race between the cars of the participants will be organized in the steppe etc. This rally will be definitely satiated with adventures and unexpected situations, which is confirmed also by the participant Lauris Boss, Chairman of the Board of the insurance company Balcia Insurance SE: “Majority of today’s men have something like an unrealized dream – to discover something, to test yourself, to get an new challenge. Participation in rally is one of the options. This is the most interesting point that you do not expect anything, you do not foresee anything, simply – every day is like a new adventure!”

The trip is supported also by the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK), Embassy of Latvia in Uzbekistan, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the Bureau LV 100, and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Latvia. Vehicles of the expedition will be decorated by especially created design for the honouring of the 100th anniversary of Latvia and promotion of the commonwealth, and small flags of Latvia and the countries to be crossed (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia will also be attached to the cars.
Every interested person will be able to follow the trip from 28 March in the account #rallytashkentriga, especially created for the trip Rally Tashkent – Riga 2018 on Instagram and Facebook, on the website of SONORA and social media, on the portal DELFI, section turismagids.lv, internet portal sportacentrs.com with a special section dedicated for this event, as well as – from 31 March – every evening at 22:00 on TV channel sportacentrs.com, where diaries and topicalities of the event will be broadcasted. Video will be available also on LMT Straume.