“ERIELL is an international oil company offering well construction and overhaul services to the leading oil and gas companies in the Russian Federation, Central and South Asia, Central Africa and Europe. We have been working with Sonora since 2008. In that time, Sonora has successfully undertaken the transportation of drilling machinery and oil, gas and construction equipment all over the world and proved itself to be a trustworthy partner we can rely on even in the most difficult situations.”

Sharif Khasanov

Logistics Director, ERIELL Group Sro

“We have been working with Sonora since 2004. We can honestly say that we have had a fantastic experience with Sonora, as their specialists never fail to provide excellent service. We greatly value the loyalty of the company’s staff and the fact that we can rely on the advice and recommendation of the specialists, which allows us to focus on our business – confident that our cargo is in safe, professional hands.”

Janis Rutkausks

Logistics Director, SIA Rettenmeier Baltic Timber

Pernod Ricard Latviawww.pernod-ricard-latvia.com

SIA "Pernod Ricards Latvia"

“I would definitely recommend Sonora to any company looking for a stable and reliable freight carrier with a high level of customer service. We have been using Sonora for sea and road freight transportation for many years and are satisfied with both the process and the result of the work.”

Olga Leicane
Head of Logistics, SIA Pernod Ricard Latvia

Valmiermuižas aluswww.valmiermuiza.lv

SIA "Valmiermuižas alus"

“We have been using Sonora road transportation services between Latvia and Germany for many years. We are very satisfied with our cooperation, as the company’s specialists work very well, respond quickly in changing situations, and always find solutions.”

Ugis Balodis
Head of Procurement, SIA Valmiermuižas Alus

“We have been using Sonora’s professional team for our land and sea freight transportation and as a customs agent for many years now. Most of all we value stability, reliability, a fast response in the event of any problems, and a creative and flexible style of work. Sonora always strives to find a balance between our needs and what is possible, making every effort to understand the nature of R.D.A. business and to offer the best freight transportation solutions.”

Eva Vidovska

SIA R.D.A. Director

“We have chosen Sonora as our partner in logistics by the positive feedback about company`s good quality service. During our cooperation we have seen amazing teamwork and fast, creative and quality solutions for transporting our cargos (all types of heavy machinery), regardless their size, to any destination worldwide. We would definitely recommend Sonora as your best partner in logistics – the results and high quality service will not disappoint you.”