Fast and effective freight transportation

When time is of an essence, Air Freight provides the fastest solution for your cargo to be delivered to any destination. With our wide network of air companies and airports around the world, we are able to provide you with the fastest solution. Our customized Air Freight solution allows you to transport all your project cargos and outsized freights to any destination. We use services of different air companies all over the world such as: AirBaltic, Turkish Airlines, Finnair, Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines, Aeroflot etc. Our company is the official air freight broker agent of Uzbekistan Airways

Project Cargo

To address your complex air freight needs, we organize time charter flights and helicopter deliveries in places where airplanes cannot land. We plan and organize cargo flights, and provide even transportation of animals. Our team of experts has a range of internationally recognized certificates including IATA certificate in Carriage of Dangerous Goods that allows transportation and transportation of Project Cargo


Door To Door deliveries all over the world

Our team`s experience along with a wide network of partners empower us to organize door-to-door deliveries for air transportation of oversized, small freights and urgent packages, as well as perishables and medical goods that particularly require urgent and accurate delivery


Individual service and consulting

Full-service freight transportation: customs services and preparation of all necessary documents, professional consultations on freight transportation, freight consolidation, engineering services for freight transformation and adjustment of dimensions

We provide

Route planning

Route planning

Freight route planning, transloading and professional consulting

Project Cargo

Project Cargo

Transportation of Project Cargo, dangerous and oversized air freights

Document formalities

Document formalities

Arrangement of documents related to freight transportation

Optimal solutions

Optimal solutions

Our team ensures the most cost-effective and fastest cargo delivery



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    Freight insurance

    We successfully collaborate with the leading insurance companies offering the most optimal types of insurance in accordance with freight characteristics and possible risks.

    It is possible to provide insurance coverage in case of freight damage or loss due to the following circumstances:

    • fire, explosion
    • road traffic accident
    • theft, robbery
    • natural disaster
    • general accidents
    • other circumstances based on the selected conditions

    By insuring your freight your interests are protected in the event of freight damage or loss. We also offer obtaining insurance coverage of up to 110% of freight value

    Air cargo services*

    ImageAircraft typeMaximum cargo capacity (t)Cargo dimensions (length x width x height) (cm)Door dimensions (width x height) (cm)Cargo volume (m3)
    an-12-small-w250-h150AN 12181355 x 350 x 247285 x 23585
    il-76-small-w250-h150IL – 76481850 x 340 x 325345 x 325180
    an-124-small-w250-h150AN 1241203648 x 640 x 440640 x 440750
    an-225-small-w250-h150AN 2252504345 x 640 x 440640 x 4401100
    b-737-400-small-w250-h150B 737-40020,42440 x 319 x 214340 x 210154
    B 757-200B 757-200363327 x 353 x 213340 x 218238
    b-767-300-small-w250-h150B 767-300543890 x 442 x 250340 x 250450
    b-747-200-small-w250-h150B 747-200111,54800 x 486 x 304340 x 312759
    b-747-400-small-w250-h150B 747-4001204800 x 486 x 304340 x 312735
    MD 110MD 11854400 x 488 x 244356 x 259575
    MD 110A 300 B444,53550 x 477 x 245318 x 244300

    *Airplane dimensions may vary depending on the carrier’s equipment