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First Worldwide Logistics Conference in Latvia

For the first time in Latvia was held the worldwide logistics conference which united together the best logistics professionals from all over the world. Professional Forwarders International (PFI) Worldwide Network conference took place from the 27th of April until the 1st of May at Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia. It was already the 7th PFI conference and, despite the fact that most of the network members are from Asia, Africa and America, it was organized in Europe. Overall, the conference in Latvia brought together more than 100 representatives from 90 countries and 61 company. Latvia and the Baltic States were represented by logistics company SONORA which got the rights to become as the Host of PFI 7th Annual General Meeting.
PFI or Professional Forwarders International network was founded in 2008 and since then brings together the best national freight forwarders all around the world. At the moment PFI is represented by 615 companies from 188 countries. That shows a huge transnational and business development potential. From each country (with the exception of very large and powerful countries such as China and the US) membership is opened only for one company from each country. To become as a PFI member, company needs to meet certain quality criteria and should be one of leading forwarding companies in the country. SONORA is the only company from the Baltic States that has been able to enter into the PFI organization. In seven years SONORA has represented Latvia with honour, dignity and responsibility and has proved that Latvia is a great country with huge potential in many spheres. Therefore, PFI members gave their votes for SONORA to become as a Host of the 7th Annual General Meeting (AGM) conference. Moreover- until now the only country from Europe which was able to organize the PFI conference was Portugal.

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Opportunities for development and logistics in Uzbekistan

Latvian export potential has significantly changed during the last year, largely influenced by the political events, including sanctions on the Russian market. Many businesses are forced to switch and search for solutions to acquire other markets. One of less explored regions for Latvian entrepreneurs are the CIS countries, especially Uzbekistan, where Latvia has very good conditions for transnational cooperation and great potential. Unfortunately, our entrepreneurs have not yet sufficiently explored these opportunities.

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Next Pitstop for Reinis Nitišs – Canada

Already tomorrow our famous Latvian rallycross driver Reinis Nitišs will take part on the 7th FIA World Rallycross championship in Canada. This is the third time when rallycross championship will take place in Canada and this will be very special for us – Reinis will drive by SONORA rally car.

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Video: Why Riga & Latvia? Why Sonora & Logistics?

During the 7th PFI AGM in Latvia, managers from Worldwide TOP logistics companies all over the world explains WHY LATVIA is so special, what they love the most here, and what role in it plays logistics, business & SONORA.

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Our recent Project Cargo – Fiberglass Construction

A night before the Midsummer, on the 22th of June, our SONORA team transported a Project Cargo – Fiberglass Construction – from Saldus to Liepaja, Latvia. This was a creative project because we needed to figure out how to find the best way of transporting this Oversized Cargo- the width of the cargo was 6,5m.

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SONORA has participated in LV Entrepreneur Sports Games

From 10-12 June teams of Latvian entrepreneurs gathered in “Lejastiezumi” near Usmas Lake, where already the 4th Entrepreneur Sports Games took the place, organized by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (ECL). For two days Latvian entrepreneurs competed for the Most Sportive Company title, among them also SONORA team, which won the high 6th place out of 50 teams in overall standings.

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“Morning Coffee with Sonora” Event has Taken Place

On the 14th of June, clients of SONORA team attended an event the “Morning Coffee with SONORA”, where they discussed the Benefits of FCL & LCL Rail freight transportation from China to Latvia and other European countries.

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Morning coffee together with Sonora: Rail freight transportation from China

We invite you for a morning coffee with SONORA, on Tuesday, 14 June, from 9.00 to 10.00 o’clock. The event topic: “BENEFITS OF FCL & LCL RAIL FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION FROM CHINA TO LATVIA AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES”.

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Video: 7th PFI Worldwide Network AGM in Riga

As we already informed you before, From the 27th of April until 1st of May at the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia was held the 7th PFI Worldwide Network AGM in which took part more than 100 delegates from 90 countries. Basically, the conference was represented by Asian and African countries – including Qatar, Egypt, Mexico, Ghana, Libya, China, Tunisia, etc. Among the members were guests from America, Canada, former CIS countries and Russia as well. The official Opening of the PFI conference was held on the 28th of April, by discussing and presenting latest data of logistics and also making some forecast in the future. Opening speeches and presentations were held by SONORA Board Member Mr Andis Veinbergs and by PFI President Mr. Bob Messenger. The conference continued by New members’ presentations as well as by discussions about the latest trends in logistics, followed by contact exchange at One on One Meetings or matchmaking. The main purpose of the conference was to improve cooperation among forwarders in order to develop import and export cargo flows. During the conference SONORA organized several meetings between PFI delegates and Latvian exporting companies to give them an insight in Latvian economics and business environment.

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Success in Life and Business. Most Valuable Advices by Latvian Business People

We would like to express our praise and sincere gratitude to Mr. Kārlis Ozols who has published title “Success in Life and Business. Most Valuable Advices by Latvian Business People and Managers” by including therein an advice (“Time – Something that cannot be Reclaimed”) given by our own Jānis Mozga, the Chairman of the Board of SONORA, among other advices given by 100 Latvian business people and professionals.

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