High-quality service

One of the main business activities of our company is Customs Services. We have established our customs department to provide you with consulting services for documentation issuance and arrangements of formalities

Fast and cost effective solutions

We will help you save time and budget – our customs brokers provide fast and cost effective service, customs clearance of import, export and transit freights

Transit declarations

From our Riga office, we provide all necessaries for transit declarations according to the permit to use the status of a Valid Sender and Valid recipient, granted in the Republic of Latvia. Also, we process all necessaries for transit declarations at Finnish and Estonian customs authorities


Our customs brokers will consult you concerning the documents necessary for customs clearance, as well as assist with submittals to the appropriate customs authorities. Be sure to consult with our specialists before the freight forwarding begins to avoid any contingent losses

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    We provide

    High-quality customs services

    High-quality customs services

    Competent customs services in Europe, CIS and Central Asia Countries



    All necessaries for export, import and transit declarations

    Representation in customs authorities

    Cost optimization

    Our experience with different cargos enables us to achieve a high level of cost optimization due to import and export

    Cost optimization

    Representation in customs authorities

    We represent your interests at customs and undertake calculations of your customs costs

    Our customs services in European Union

    • Execution of export, import and transit declaration in accordance with all customs formalities such as: IM A, EUI A, EX A, EUE A, T1, T2L, T2LF
    • TIR carnet, CMR and SMGS fillings
    • Assignment of EORI and AD HOC numbers
    • Specification of HS codes by the combined nomenclature
    • Filling and assignment of certificates of origin, for insurance:
      • Movement certificates EUR.1, EUR.MED
      • Certificate of origin FORM A for substituting goods
      • A.TR movement certificates
      • Certificates of Origin
    • Execution of Food and Veterinary service documents at the border
    • Execution of EPI declaration for customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus

    Our customs services in Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan

    • Specification of HS codes
    • Calculation and payment of customs duties and taxes
    • Preparation of documents necessary for execution of customs declarations
    • Execution of customs documents
    • Drafting of FEA contracts
    • Client representation in customs authorities
    • Freight unloading, loading and storage at PMD warehouses
    • Storage of goods at warehouses with constant temperature conditions from +2 to +10 °C or deep-freeze