Excellent solutions and a creative approach

Project Cargo is one of our biggest advantages ensuring excellent solutions for any non-standard, heavy or oversize freight transportation in any conditions


Freight transportation of any mode

We transport oil and gas industry cargos, mining equipment, heavy machinery, metal constructions, military cargo and other types of non-standard freight. Project Cargo requires specific experience, special machinery and correct documentation – all of which can be provided by our specialists


International experience

Customers and partners trust us, as we offer new transportation solutions for freights of different sizes, weights and forms, using air, road, rail and sea freight services.
We are members of the Project Cargo Network. This proves that we are among the best project cargo transportation specialists in the world


Road Survey for each Project Cargo

Together with our agents and partners around the world, we can provide excellent and professional Road Survey by planning, analysing and developing optimal routes of delivery individually for each Project Cargo

We provide

Individual approach to each project

Individual approach to each project

Individualized approach to every client and project: creative solutions for freights of different sizes, weights and forms, and extreme conditions

Road Survey

Road Survey


Personalized and detailed Road Survey, police escorts and security guards

Engineering services

Engineering services

Freight engineering services for cargo transportation and adjustment of dimensions

High-quality and safety

High-quality and safety

High-quality and safe transportation of oversize cargos from and to any destination around the world



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    Some of our Project Cargos

    Freight insurance

    We successfully collaborate with the leading insurance companies offering the most optimal types of insurance in accordance with freight characteristics and possible risks.

    It is possible to provide insurance coverage in case of freight damage or loss due to the following circumstances:

    • fire, explosion
    • road traffic accident
    • theft, robbery
    • natural disaster
    • general accidents
    • other circumstances based on the selected conditions

    By insuring your freight your interests are protected in the event of freight damage or loss. We also offer obtaining insurance coverage of up to 110% of freight value