The most reliable way of transportation

Rail freight transportation is one of the most common and reliable modes of transportation – low freight transportation costs and high-quality delivery

We offer a quality service by freight cost optimization considering specifics, quantity and terms of your freight delivery. Our wide network of warehousing provides you with a thoughtful and accurate transloading of freight trains with a help of a special mechanical equipment designed for transloading and fastening operations

Railway cargo transportation across Eurasia

We provide reliable and effective rail transportation in Europe, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asia as well as rail freight transportation from and to China. We offer optimization of transportation costs depending on specifics, quantity and terms of the freight delivery


All types of wagons and railway platforms

Rail wagon types in the required quantity according to your needs. Depending on freight characteristics, transportation is carried using different types of wagons or platforms. Oversize freight or non-standard freight, out of gauge and Dangerous Freight (ADR) are transported in dedicated rail wagons by observing special safety measures


Full scope of services

We offer a full scope of door-to-door services. Our service includes drawing up schemes for lashing and relevant freight layout as well as preparation of customs documentation. We work individually with each of our customers by informing of all processes related to freight transportation

We provide

Optimal mode of transportation and costs

Optimal mode of transportation and costs

Combining sea or road transport enables you to choose the best and most cost effective solution for your specific and/or complicated needs

Road Survey

Road Survey

Engineering technical services of dimension adjustment enables us to precisely plan each stage of freight transportation operations

Related services

Related services

We also provide warehousing services such as – execution of customs documentation, consultancy, freight insurance etc.

Warehouse services

Warehouse services

We provide warehousing services – consolidation, storage and handling, execution and shipment

Freight insurance

We successfully collaborate with the leading insurance companies offering the most optimal types of insurance in accordance with freight characteristics and possible risks.

It is possible to provide insurance coverage in case of freight damage or loss due to the following circumstances:

  • fire, explosion
  • road traffic accident
  • theft, robbery
  • natural disaster
  • general accidents
  • other circumstances based on the selected conditions

By insuring your freight your interests are protected in the event of freight damage or loss. We also offer obtaining insurance coverage of up to 110% of freight value



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    International Shuttle Train

    An excellent solution for fast, safe and economically efficient delivery of your freight from China
    in a short transit time by means of the International Shuttle Train

    We provide transportation from China (Zhengzhou) to
    CIS countries or any other European country:

    • Delivery from China to Europe starting from 9 days
    • The route (10,213 km) has only two customs checkpoints
    • Free container pre-carriage to loading facility – Zhengzhou within a range of 1,500 km
    • Less than container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) transportation
    • Weekly service from China to the Baltic States, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Russia

    Wagon types and dimensions*

    ImageWagon typeCarrying capacity (t)
    Capacity (m3)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
    Covered wagon 250m3Covered wagon 250m341/49/50240 - 25023 3403 0903 672
    Covered wagon 158m3Covered wagon 158m366,715817 6002 7433 400
    Covered wagon 150m3Covered wagon 150m36815017 4622 7903 106
    Covered wagon 138m3Covered wagon 138m36813815 7242 7642 800
    Covered wagon 136m3Covered wagon 136m35313620 4402 5402 620
    Open top wagonOpen top wagon7175,212 6902 8902 050
    PlatformPlatform71-13 3002 770400

    *The dimensions of wagons and platforms may differ depending on the carrier equipment