Long-haul transportation and bulk shipment

Sea freight shipment is one of the most cost-effective modes of transportation that allows large size and very heavy cargoes to be delivered to the farthest distances. Sea freight costs are the lowest ones, if time is not of an essence

Sea freight transportation from and to any place in the world

We can deliver your freight from and to any ports in the world. There is no place that we cannot reach to provide door-to-door delivery for full (FCL) and combined (LCL) container freight.
We cooperate with various shipping lines all over the world, including Maersk, MSC, CMA CGM, Evergreen, YML, OOCL, K-Line, Containerships, Mann Lines, Samskip, NYK, APL, China Shipping etc.


Project Cargo transportation

Depending on the freight transportation mode, specifics and transportation road, we will recommend you the most optimal option. We organize Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR), transportation of Project Cargos and bulk shipments


Full service

Our sea freight service includes prompt delivery, reliable and high-quality service, customs formalities and execution of necessary documentation, warehousing, freight consolidation, storage and processing, technical engineering services and adjustments of dimensions

We provide

Optimal transit times

Optimal transit times

Relying on our experience and partner network, we provide regular delivery and optimal freight delivery times

High level of safety

High level of safety

Our own and our partners’ long professional experience will help to avoid unforeseen situations during the shipment

Door to door deliveries

Door To Door deliveries

We handle and manage all aspects of your transportation from provision of a freight re-addressing on the route, loading and unloading operations till the moment of delivery to the specified destination

Personalized service

Personalized service

It is possible to optimize almost any freight transportation by making it faster, cheaper and more secure. Our professionals will help you to find the best solution



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    Freight insurance

    We successfully collaborate with the leading insurance companies offering the most optimal types of insurance in accordance with freight characteristics and possible risks.

    It is possible to provide insurance coverage in case of freight damage or loss due to the following circumstances:

    • fire, explosion
    • road traffic accident
    • theft, robbery
    • natural disaster
    • general accidents
    • other circumstances based on the selected conditions

    By insuring your freight your interests are protected in the event of freight damage or loss. We also offer obtaining insurance coverage of up to 110% of freight value

    Container types*

    ImageContainer typeInternal length (mm)Internal width (mm)Internal height (mm)Door height (mm)Door width (mm)Container carrying capacity (kg)Capacity (m3)
    20 ft standard container20 ft standard container5, 9002, 3522, 3932, 2802, 34028, 25033,2
    40 ft standard container40 ft standard container12, 0342, 3522, 3952, 2802, 34026,760 / 28,78067,8
    40 ft High Cube> container40 ft High Cube container12, 0342, 3522, 7002, 5852, 34026, 580 / 28, 60076,4
    20 ft open top container20 ft open top container5, 8982,3522, 3482, 2802, 34028, 28032
    40 ft open top container40 ft open top container12, 0322, 3522, 3482, 2802, 34026, 60066
    20 ft Pallet Wide container20 ft Pallet Wide container5, 9502, 4402, 3802, 2702, 39027, 98034,6
    40 ft Pallet Wide container40 ft Pallet Wide container12, 0202, 4402, 3902, 2602, 39029, 65070, 1
    20 ft Flat Rack container20 ft Flat Rack container5, 9202, 2242, 213--34, 000-
    40 ft Flat Rack container40 ft Flat Rack container12, 0542, 2271, 959--45, 000 / 50, 000-
    20 ft Reefer container20 ft Reefer container5, 4562, 2942, 2732, 2642, 29027, 47028,6
    40 ft Reefer container40 ft Reefer container11, 5842, 2942, 5572, 5672, 28429, 30068
    45 ft  High Cube Pallet Wide container 45 ft High Cube Pallet Wide container13, 5402, 4202, 6902, 5802, 40029, 25088,1

    *Container dimensions may vary depending on the carrier’s equipment

    Sea freight