Dès demain, notre célèbre pilote de Rallye Reinis Nitišs prendra le départ de la 7eme FIA Championnat du Monde de Rallycross au Canada. C’est la troisième fois que le rallycross se déroule au Canada, et celle-ci sera très spéciale pour nous: Reinis va conduire la SONORA rallye car..

Rallycross championship in Canada is the first pit-stop which takes place outside of Europe and it is a challenge for all drivers because of time zone diversity – for example, between Canada and Latvia there are 7-hour difference. It means that qualification and finals will take place in the evening by Latvian time.

World RX in Canada will take place during the prestigious Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières which is famous all over the world. The track is famous worldwide – such championships as NASCAR, Formula Drift, Porsche GT3 Challenge Canada Cup, Formula Tour 1600, Canadian Touring Car Championship also takes place in it. For Reinis experience in this Canada track was quite “dynamic” – in 2014, in spite of bad luck with car in qualification, Reinis got the high 4th position, but in 2015 Reinis took part in semi-final where he crashed and due to problems with his car did not finish the race. We really hope that this year will bring much more success to our Latvian rallycross driver!

Qualification will take place on Saturday, 6th of August, but semi-finals and finals on Sunday- 7th of August. Let`s keep fingers crossed by Reinis and Wish Him Luck!