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Venturous participants of the 100th anniversary zhiguli rally are on their way looking for new adventures to Carpathians

On 27 April, rally “Riga–Carpathians 2019” was started on AB dam. 13 participants in 5 historical cars are on their way from Riga through Lithuania to Carpathians in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine, with the rally route including Moldova and Belarus in the return ride. Distance of the planned ride exceeds 4,000 kilometers.

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First Worldwide Logistics Conference in Latvia

For the first time in Latvia was held the worldwide logistics conference which united together the best logistics professionals from all over the world. Professional Forwarders International (PFI) Worldwide Network conference took place from the 27th of April until the 1st of May at Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia. It was already the 7th PFI conference and, despite the fact that most of the network members are from Asia, Africa and America, it was organized in Europe. Overall, the conference in Latvia brought together more than 100 representatives from 90 countries and 61 company. Latvia and the Baltic States were represented by logistics company SONORA which got the rights to become as the Host of PFI 7th Annual General Meeting.
PFI or Professional Forwarders International network was founded in 2008 and since then brings together the best national freight forwarders all around the world. At the moment PFI is represented by 615 companies from 188 countries. That shows a huge transnational and business development potential. From each country (with the exception of very large and powerful countries such as China and the US) membership is opened only for one company from each country. To become as a PFI member, company needs to meet certain quality criteria and should be one of leading forwarding companies in the country. SONORA is the only company from the Baltic States that has been able to enter into the PFI organization. In seven years SONORA has represented Latvia with honour, dignity and responsibility and has proved that Latvia is a great country with huge potential in many spheres. Therefore, PFI members gave their votes for SONORA to become as a Host of the 7th Annual General Meeting (AGM) conference. Moreover- until now the only country from Europe which was able to organize the PFI conference was Portugal.

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Latvian musicians and entrepreneurs go for expedition by historical vehicles from Tashkent to Riga honouring the 100th anniversary of Latvia

Honouring the 100th anniversary of Latvia, Latvian entrepreneurs and musicians have united for a trip by historical vehicles from Uzbekistan (Tashkent) to Latvia (Riga) aimed at international commonwealth. Objective of the trip is promotion of mutual relations between Latvia and Uzbekistan, as well as for proper global promotion of the name of Latvia symbolizing its perspective and development opportunities for Latvia as an independent state. Entrepreneurs of Latvia and Uzbekistan, as well as musicians of the band “Brain Storm” will be among the participants.

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Timely prepared documents can make transactions more efficient

The fast pace of modern life frequently makes you forget important details in business processes and activities. People are increasingly relying more on the luck factor in solving problems and leaving many things to be dealt with later. Frequently, it turns out that exactly these small nuances are those which can later be the most costly for a company. An illustrative example for this are freight transport customs documents and their formalities – by leaving the preparation of documents for later, there is a high risk that the company freight will be delayed at customs, which can last up to several weeks and be very costly. Why does this happen and how to avoid it? An explanation for these matters was given by Raivis Upe, the Manager of the Customs Department of JSC Sonora.

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SONORA RACING TEAM – Ready for the New Season

Already during this weekend, the new season of the Baltic Touring Car Championship 2017 (BATCC) will start at Racetrack Bikernieku, where also SONORA RACING TEAM – team rider Ansis Fridbergs (#48) will drive in KTC S1600 class. In total competition will last for three days but race of the representative of SONORA team will take place on Sunday, April 30.

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SONORA floorball team again wins the championship title

During the weekend, SONORA floorball team in Latvian championship of veterans in group 35+ fought for the Latvian championship title. Also, this year our team managed to keep he title of champions and celebrated beautiful success.

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Line of The Year 2016 – CONTAINERSHIPS

Continuing annual traditions, this year too SONORA awarded the best and most successful Sea Line of the Year 2016. Having assessed all the criteria, the quality standards, the service and communication quality, CONTAINERSHIPS was nominated as previous year’s Sea Line of the year.

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Parlez-vous français ? New job offer: Sales manager for French Market

If you are fluently speaking French and are ready for new challenges in your life, we kindly invite you to join our team! Due to expanding our business worldwide we are looking for French speaking SALES MANAGER!

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Splendid festive season at SONORA and 17th anniversary celebrations

End of the year and the beginning of the New Year have traditionally become a real festive season in the everyday life of SONORA – from mid-November starts getting ready for Christmas, saying thank you for cooperation to both, customers and employees. Whereas in mid-January there is a common New Year’s celebration and birthday of SONORA – this year already the seventeenth.

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Participate in one of the most significant conferences in Latvia: “Export. Import. Development”

On 1 February of this year, one of the most significant conferences will take place in Latvia – “Export. Import. Development”, which is aimed for analysis of the existing global geopolitical situation, adequate assessment of future perspectives, looking for new business and development opportunities for export and import companies. Also, a contact exchange will take place during the conference, where participants of the forum will have a chance to share their experience, acquire new knowledge and find cooperation partners.

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